Green Robe à l'Anglaise

This dress, made of patterned silk damask, was made in the robe à l’anglaise (English dress) style between 1770-1780. The robe a l’anglaise and its counterpart, the robe à la francaise (French style), were the two most popular styles of dress for women in Europe and North America. The dress is comprised of several parts, including multiple layers of white petticoats, a hip pad, a stomacher, detachable white sleeve endings called engageants, and the actual “dress,” which only refers to the green damask bodice and skirt. The bodice and skirt are sown as one piece, and the wearer puts it on as if it were a coat, with a line of fastenings along the center front. In this case, only the dress is original; the other pieces were made by conservators to show how the dress should look with all its parts.