Travel around the world and back in an instant

Windows to the World: Digital Artifacts for Global Educators is an innovative, digital toolbox that advances humanities education in rural Indiana. It connects K-16 educators with Indiana University’s museums and archival collections, which have been developed by expert faculty, staff, and curators.

The Windows to the World project provides teachers and students with cutting-edge, yet accessible, academic research and educational materials. The toolbox takes some of the most extensive museum and archival collections in the state of Indiana and engages students via object-based approaches to learning. The interactive, map-based digital portal introduces students to archaeological, artistic, religious, and literary works from around the world, broadening the horizons of what it means to learn about people and cultures.

Where would you like to go?

Windows to the World features items from around the globe, representing 45 countries and over 4,500 years of history. The toolbox includes fine art, textiles, tools, music, film, photography, and other forms of multi-sensory interaction with the past. 3D imaging allows students to manipulate the artifacts and get a uniquely close look at their details.

Once an item is selected, Windows to the World invites users to consider it in a global context through recommended connections to other artifacts, creating a diverse, international classroom that extends beyond traditional borders.

Click on the map to begin, or search by the name of the country you are interested in.