This velvet blouse, known in Spanish as a huipil or in Zapotec as a bidaani, is a traditional style of shirt from a Zapotec community in Oaxaca, Mexico. Zapotec people are an Indigenous people who have lived in the Oaxaca region since the 6th century BC. They have a total population between 400,000-650,000 people, and approximately 490,000 people (12% of the state of Oaxaca) speak the Zapotec language. Culturally and geographically, Zapotec people divide themselves into four main regions: the Central Valleys, Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur, and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Colonization in Mexico often caused Zapotec communities to become isolated from each other, especially across these geographic zones, so the four regions developed distinct linguistic and cultural differences.